This project began as a passion and continues as a mission – to help the small businesses on our high streets survive lockdown, and encourage communities to support local.

Nobody fights harder to survive than those on the high street. Clothes shops face constant pressure from fast-fashion retailers, and every year more small book shops are closed in large part because of the rise of Amazon.
But one thing has become clear: when the high street shuts its doors completely, it doesn’t take long before we really start to miss it.

Started by marketeer and entrepreneur Olivia Martyn, this began as an excel sheet back in April, and soon became a growing Instagram account with over 13,000 followers, with features in the likes of Time Out. We’ve now created a destination to help our communities discover some of the wonderful high street businesses around them.

This is work in progress, and growing by the minute, so please bear with us and support us so we can make sure our favourite locals are still here when this is all over.

A huge thank you to the following people who have helped to make this project happen.

Andrei David For making this website work, coming up with brilliant solutions and for being so patient.
Jason Malone For inspiring me with his work in Somerset and for helping to set this website up.
Lauren Keefer For throwing brilliant ideas around left right and centre.

And those who are involved in the day to day across London, Birmingham & Manchester

Kate Faulkner – helping to spread the word far and wide

Iona Leopard – looking after Shop Local Birmingham with Hannah

Hannah Stanley – looking after Shop Local Birmingham with Iona

Stella Hughes – looking after Shop Local Manchester