How to write your High Street Heroes listing description:

Were here to help you connect to your local community – but first we need to bring your business to life.

You’re a hero. Show the world why! Here are some tips and tricks for writing a description as awesome as your business.

  1. Set the scene. Every business started somewhere, whether it was a family endeavour or a group of scrappy misfits coming together. Spend some time introducing yourself and telling the world your hero origin story. Letting people know how your business came to be will make your listing stand out.
  2. This time it’s personal. Use your name, your team’s names, even your dog’s name. Adding names to your story helps people get to know you on a personal level and will establish a personal connection.
  3. Skip to the good bit. What is the most unique thing about your business, the thing that you do better than anyone else in the world? Put it right in there at the beginning and don’t be scared to brag about it.
  4. Keep it punchy. If there was ever the time for an elevator pitch, this is it! Keep your sentences short and direct. You’ll sound more engaging and passionate.
  5. There’s no time like the present. Make sure your listing is accurate up-to-the-minute. Actions speak louder than words, what are you doing right now that is worth shouting about?
  6. Make sure to update your listing description as regularly as possible so everything is up to date.

With love,
Your High Street Heroes Team

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